Silo Ridge Field Club

Amenia, New York

Our work with Silo Ridge began in 2013. Present was part of the original envisioning team that conceived the club as a classic, yet modern, summer camp for successful families and adults from New York City. Initial brand elements reflected this, leaning heavily on outdoors and Americana themes. Over time, the club’s brand identity evolved as member needs and opportunities arose.

In 2020, the club became a full-time refuge for members who sought to escape the stress of city life during the Covid-19 pandemic and social turmoil of that time. Additionally, opportunity arose to double the size of the property, adding robust equestrian and field sports elements.In response, Present was part of a select group of stakeholders who gathered to re-envision the future of Silo Ridge. The team considered every aspect of the club from real estate, operations and amenities to member experiences and branding.

After helping to chart a new course for the property, Present continues to serve the club’s needs, developing digital marketing and club communications platforms, supporting residential and member services, assisting the culinary team and providing marketing support for large-scale events such as the Hudson Valley Rodeo.