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Right here. Right now.

Your brand is built moment by moment. It is defined and redefined by every interaction with every person you encounter. We understand this, and we work to ensure each touch point – from your logo and collateral package to your website and social media presence – is authentic, purposeful and expresses exactly who you are. This moment is all that matters. Be present.

Following are a few of the many clients we’ve helped tell their stories.

Barbuda Ocean Club

Tucked into a beautiful corner of the West Indies, Barbuda Ocean Club is a joyous, vibrant safe haven for families full of fun and adventure. But it also is a strong advocate for the local community, creating opportunities for growth and prosperity, preserving the culture and protecting the environment. Present Studios is honored to help bring both aspects of the club’s character to the world.

Cabo Del Sol, Cove Club & Four Seasons

Cabo Del Sol is one of the original icons of the Golden Corridor in Los Cabos, Mexico. The property developed its full potential when a new energy and vision arrived in recent years. Present Studios have been intimately involved in defining this new vision, revitalizing the brand and launching Cove Club, the most coveted and successful new private club in Baja.

Silo Ridge Field Club

Originally conceived as a rural escape for New York families over long weekends and summer vacations, Silo Ridge in the Hudson Valley has blossomed into a year-round community of friends and neighbors. It offers a modern take on classic, small-town Americana. Our role is to express its timeless charm with a fresh, engaging approach that resonates with today’s families.

Our Story.

Present Studios began as an award-winning boutique design shop with an emphasis in real estate, hospitality, private club and lifestyle branding. Dedicated, creative and talented, we made our mark by reacting quickly to client needs, listening intently to their dreams, and valuing relationships and loyalty above all other concerns. We grew as our clients grew. As their needs evolved, we adapted by adding services and capabilities to stay ahead of changing market demands.


Today, Present is a complete branding studio, providing a comprehensive suite of services – from brand strategy, design and copywriting to website development, social media management, media relations, video production and editing, advertising planning and placement, corporate communications, public relations, packaging and more. Yet while we’ve grown, we remain as creative, nimble and dedicated to personal service as ever. We are selectively taking on new clients, preferring to serve as an extension of your own team rather than a vendor. And as always, we stay Present.

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